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There are just as many different styles of corsets as there are in body types & sizes. When looking for a corset you need first to determine the reason for purchasing it. Are you getting it for a sexy top or do you want to use it for waist training?


If you just want something sexy to wear, then we suggest going with a plastic boned corset. They are cheaper cost wise and not intended for everyday wear. The purposes of these garments are for a night out at the club or a romantic evening in, in the boudoir. Wearing these daily will cause them to wear faster and in turn making the plastic boning bend and uncomfortable.


If you want your new corset for waist training than we suggest that you spend a little more on one made with steel bone. This will allow for daily wear and provide more comfort in the long run.


Now that we discussed the “bare” bones of a corset, there are different styles to choose from as well. There is overbust, underbust, waist cinchers or mini corsets, over hip, & off hip.


Let’s discuss these a little further. Overbust is just that; the corset covers the breast usually with a heart shape appearance. This style is hard to fit right off the rack because there are two crucial measurements to consider, the waist and the bust. To get the best fit for your body is to have one custom made.


Underbust again is just that; the corset fits just under the bust. And this one is easier than that of the overbust mentioned earlier because there is only the waist measurement to go by.


Waist cinchers or mini corsets are like an over size belt that goes around your waist. They usually measure anywhere from 8”-10” in height. These are good for people who have a short torso or someone who just wants to define their waist.


Finally the hips, do you want one that goes over your hips or one that does not? And once you have all those options figured out, there are still more choices to make. The closure do you want a zipper or hook & eye? You should consider the type of fabric that you would like it to be made out of; satin, taffeta, lace, or plain cotton.


So you can see there are a number of items to take into consideration when getting your first corset. You really don’t want to rush out and spend your money without doing some research.

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