Werewolf-Child's Costume

Werewolf-Child's Costume

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Watch your child transform into a wild beast in this Howling At The Moon Child Costume. The fierce, growling muzzle along with the faux fur and tattered shirt will excite and delight him. He will prowl the streets in search of prey with a mask that features the mythical characteristics of a werewolf, including the meeting of the eyebrows over the bridge of the nose and low-set ears. With his own set of curved claws and swaggering stride, his inner beast will finally have an outward appearance.

  • Right out of the dark woods, this Howling At The Moon Child Costume features a full-head character mask and a plaid woodsman's shirt torn and tattered about the sleeves.
  • The arms and chest areas have the same silvery gray faux fur, which adds a realistic appearance.
  • Includes: Mask and top.

Even vampires will be on the run when your little one shows up in this creepy costume. Watch out for full moons!

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