Steampunk Gentleman Costume

Steampunk Gentleman Costume

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This Steampunk Gentleman Costume will make any man feel dapper and rakishly handsome. The black coat-tail jacket adds a jaunty twist to the costume as does the faux brown leather trim. Don't fret, all of this is available in the modern age. There is no need to jump into an H.G.Wells-style machine to go gallivanting backwards in time to find the perfect look. The Steampunk Gentleman Costume is the perfect base with its included jacket and pants -- the rest is left to your ingenuity and imagination. Standard size fits up to 42 chest (may run small)

  • Steampunk Gentleman Costume jacket is black and features coattails that fall just above the backs of your knees from a tailored, form-fitting long-sleeved jacket that fastens with brass buttons across the torso.
  • The jacket is accentuated with faux brown leather elbow cuffs and trim along the front lapel and pockets.
  • Black pants (breeches) are also bordered in faux brown leather along the in-seams -- perfect for the saddle and the hunt!
  • Includes: jacket and pants.
  • Does not include: hat, facial hair, cane, spats, or shoes.

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